Tiffany Young Poems

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I See You In My Dreams

As I say goodnight to him,
I know I will dream of you.
Your smile your laugh,
And that one night we once had too.

Never Shed A Tear

I shall never shed a tear when I hear that name,
You will never be able to put me down to shame.
I will always remember when you came home,
That look in your eyes that smirk on your face.

When I Look Through Your Eyes

When I look through your eyes,
I see all the childhood hate.
You think one day death shall be your fate.

The Lying Truth

I met him the first time and knew something was wrong

I met him the second time and knew there was nothing good

Everytime I Fall Apart

Everytime I Fall Apart,

I want you there to pick me up.
Everytime I cry I need you there to cheer me up.


im tired and worn down

im losing myself faster then i can think

Wicked Eyes

i hide behind these wicked eyes
full of tears and pain
i try to stay strong for everyone
but nobody is strong for me