Salman Javid

The Magic

Immanuel Kant, a man limited by means;
But a man of immense means.
A great visionary,
Giving a dyad we call the Categorical Imperative:
A good deed is an end in itself;
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
The basis of modern morality;
Even without the All Mighty,
Teaching; to use power fairly,
And to treat all men equally.

But beyond this mundane idealism,
There is Someone, who writes the story of the World.
Omer Khayam calling it the Writing Finger;
The Writing Finger writes and it never stops.
The Greek philosophers call it the Unmoved Mover.
The Ultimate Cause: only nothing comes out of nothing;
Something giving birth to the Universe,
Evolution cannot happen in emptiness,
Creation kicking-off the Evolution.

So, what keeps the World evolving?

Who made a humbled chieftain Ghangez,
The Greatest of all Khans ever.
Who, when still young and obscure, was told:
To have the greatest ruling dynasty ever.
The House of Timor reigned supreme for centuries,
In both east and west.
Never losing a battle in his lifetime;
The most fearsome of all conquerors;
But, when was dead,
No one knows the place of his morgue to pay respects!

A short and lonely Corsican,
Becoming the hero of the French Revolution,
And claiming himself Emperor of France afterwards.
A man of many talents, rather of too much talent,
A general, politician and a law giver.
Leading France to many wars, crafting the modern nation-state,
Giving his own law the Napoleonic Code.
The person behind the modernity of Europe.
Keeping Europe in flames till leading his forces to Waterloo;
Imprisoned and exiled, died of poison on a small island,

Why yet an other short Austrian,
Who never knew of his father.
A struggling painter, authoring Mein Kampf in prison;
Becoming larger than life- fuehrer of the Germanics,
And leading Germany and the rest to the Greatest War ever.
Terrorizing and trembling the world with his speech and might;
Vanishing the Allies in the beginning, surviving a dozen death attempts;
But later on becoming a victim of his own excesses and holocaust.
A symbol of hate world over for killing fifty million in five years;
Who once spelled bound his nation with his oratory and manner.

No statistician and logician,
Could come-up with the facts and reasons,
To justify the assent of:
Ghangez of Mongolia, Napoleon of France and Hitler of Germany,

They are just a few mundane examples of: The Magic,
The invincible divine force behind the rise and fall of men and nations,
Ruling the world- irrespective of caste, creed and belief system,
Manifesting itself in the visible and invisible miracles of the mundane World.

Like the trilogy of the mundane lives,
There are higher lives of the Chosen Ones like;
Moses, Jesus and Mohammad,
Where the Divinity of Magic is Most visible,

A Hebrew child living in the palace of a Pharaoh;
The Pharaoh killing every Hebrew child lest not the child,
Who was prophesied to cause his demise.
The child nurturing in the Pharaoh’s laps,
And causing his demise upon reaching his adulthood.
Leading his people in wilderness for forty years,
In the hope of a Promised Land.
Speaking to the Lord and asking to reveal His Divine Self;
Becoming unconscious when the Lord manifested Himself,
And came down the Hill with the Ten Commandments

A child without a father;
Crucified, when young.
A messiah waited for a thousand years;
Brutalised and terrorised to death,
His body kept in cave, but was not found the other day.
Came to his people after death,
And will resurrect at the End of Time,
To save the World.

An orphan by birth,
The only prophet of Arabia.
A perfect man, A complete man;
A man of peace and war;
A man achieving it all, but humble to the core.
A man teaching respects and rights;
Telling us we never knew.
A man whose foot steps we must follow;
A man, who once understood, is always followed.
A man too big to describe.
A man whose deeds akin to his name:
Muhammad- the eulogized one.

How come all these men;
Different by caste, creed and time,
Stood so powerful, to change the World.
Is it not Divine Magic then what else?

Magic not limiting to the very great only,
But as what is preached by
Moses, Jesus and Muhammad,
The magic lies inside us-the divinity is inside us

It is what keeps us going,
It is what takes us out of our misery,
It helps us when needed the most,
If there is no magic then there is no change,
Life be dull and stale,
Which it is at times,
So to push us for change,
A change driving our lives,
Turning an infant old, overtime,
A change giving rise and fall to men and nations,
A change making us experience the unexpected,
A change taking us to new places and faces,
A change winning us friends and admirers
The manner of this change is so
Nonchalant, at-ease, and smooth,
What a modern day theorist calls:
A Random Walk, which makes our measures meaningless.
No one have a clue to measure the randomness of this random walk,
Which always affects us with a perfect causation,
Which makes, orphans, kings;
Which makes, poor, rich;
Which teaches us to learn,
Which takes our hand to fulfil our dreams,
And to meet our unique destinies

Because of this magic,
Both the religious scriptures and
The ancient and modern wise men,
Agrees on dispensing justice,
Because if humans fail to dispense justice,
Then the Mighty One dispenses His Own Justice,
Even when His Justice is a bit cruel for the one,
Who did not do justice with justice,

So, if you wish to experience The Magic,
Then acquire some qualities in yourself,
And do your work with a missionary zeal,
Sooner or later, the magic will start to set,
It will take you to a different level,
But only after a long hard journey,
Will take you there where you intend to reach,
Because if it will not,
The world would become an empty space,
Only an adobe for the devil and devil incarnate,
And surely this world would never be such a place,
Because the magic will never let that happen!

So, like David, every religious person, may say:
Immanu-El (God-with-us)
And a modern day secular, may say:
Everyman for himself and God for us All!

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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  • Marieta MaglasMarieta Maglas (9/29/2009 4:52:00 PM)

    nice philosophical poem, very well written......10

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