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You Are You!

My poems are for you;
My message is for you;
My imaginations are for you;
My wisdom is for you.

You are the one,
Who has made me a poet,
A learning and caring man;
A man of all seasons;

You have captured my
Imaginations, words and the pen;
When I think, I think of you;
When I write, I write for you;
I lift my pen for you;

No one else is like you;
You are the one, who is you;
People ask me, who are you;
I dedicate this book to you!

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One man dies for honor,
Other kills for a penny;
One protects his brethren,
Other betrays a nation.

One overpowers libido,
Other a sinful soul;
One lives for his morals,
Other for money and ego.