Nero CaroZiv

The Man Who Loves A Coquette - Poem by Nero CaroZiv

Why lost man
Your heart is sour with complain
Over this pretty damsel’s distain
Why thus let your despair
Yields hellish chest tare
For months you may fret
But this will not get you your coquette

Ah! How can you teach her to love
Frustration compel you to ask
As time runs out to spin and to rove
It is not easy and simple task
At first they all frown like a house pet
But leave her alone for a while
She shortly will show you her smile
And you may sit or stroll by your coquette

For such are the fickle airs
Of love and flirt mingling in fanciful fairs
In king’s palace or in a cave-man lair
They all think our homage is merely in debt
Fulfill it with projection
Without a touch of neglect
And as you show your strive for perfection
Soon takes the effect
And humbles down the proudest coquette

Dismantle your thick thought brain
Dissemble your pain
And lengthen your chain
Let her think she is using you
False or true
Let her self conviction be in taking advantage
It will all be to your vantage
And show her what a banter she may regret
If now you sigh
She can no longer deny
And you may caper in your coquette chamber

And still if out of false women pride
Your panting pangs she may deride
Be brave and full of thoughts and conceit
The trail is on; hold the raging thorns tight
Let not this untutored whimsical girl forget
That you have other admirers
Who would melt in your fire
That no one but you
Who can quench their burning desire
And thus laugh at you little coquette

Take an advice from me I adore
Some twenty or even more
And loved them most dearly but yet
Though my heart they captured in an enthrall
I will abandon them all
Did they act like your capricious coquette

Young loves’ woes no time now to think
If your love to your arms you want to bring
Idol thoughts will make you sink
With no solution or a link
No longer repine
Adopt this design
And break through her defiance fence
No longer despair
No longer anguish care
Now you may kiss your captious coquette

copy rights 2010

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 15, 2010

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