Vignesh Ramakrishnan

The Man Who Rode Alone - Poem by Vignesh Ramakrishnan

The Man who rode alone:

T’was a dark and moonless night
Alone rode a man with his horse
He stoppeth near an inn whose light was bright
The inn keeper snorted “Thy can’t eat for food is sparse”

The Man spake “I will not be needing food”
“A bed and a place for myne horse”
T’was then that a bunch of men arrived 
And whose leader spake with a voice hoarse

“Give us thine gold and spare thyself”
The Inn-Keeper turned and looked at the man
The man in fear mounted his horse
The innkeeper said “T’was the man who had the gold and now he ran”

T’was a dark and moonless night 
Alone rode a man with his horse
He wanted to leave the forest….
“Tis late I might camp and have a fire”

But Eftsoons, The fire was gone and darkness born
And the man had fear in his eyes
In the darkness glittered eyes and a horn
“Tis a rhino, I need a horse that flies! ! ”

He screamed and ran with all his might
T’was after a few minutes that he stopped
Suddenly a voice spoke “Give us the gold thy stole without a fight”
“Aye, Sir I would But I didn’t steal” the man replied

T’was a dark and moonless night
Alone walked a man without his horse
The bandits had taken all that was his right.
They might as well have lain my corpse.

T’was then that his heart spoke
“Thy should never lose hope for all’s not lost”
“Aye….. I shall find a new way” he thought
He started through a path avoided by most

With fire in his eyes, Courage in his heart
He walked through the forest alone
With nothing for company but himself
But soon he grew tired and worn

Rested upon a tree, he tried to rest his eyes
But alas, come as may sleep wouldn’t come
So, under the tree he remained with his eyes shut
Suddenly a voice spake “who dares lie under my Home! ”

The man looked up, he saw a shadow lurking
“Tis me, a traveller in search of light and warmth”
“But tis unwise of thee to come poking”
“For here, Nature……. Hath a terrible wrath”

“So come up traveller share my home, meat and my mead”
“That’s kind of you sir if thou give me the rope”
After the man supped “I also need a place to bed”
The other man pointed to a space and said “ Just have some hope”

The Sun rose high and the man heard a neigh
The man was gone and in his stead stood a horse
“Who was the man” The traveller wondered
“Who offered me his meat and a place to bed”

T’was a bright and sunlit day
Alone rode a man with his horse
T’was not he but his horse which found the way
He came out of the forest and yelled “Joy! ! The gods live, Amen! ”

And thus the bard completed his tale
All the crowd watched raptly
“Tis a great tale for all of the Vale”
“And the end is done aptly”

The Bard smiled, bid farewell and went his own way…………..

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I was reading through Julius Caesar and the Ancient mariner that is when i thought i would write a ballad poem in archaic language

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 17, 2014

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