ovidd bcw

The Martian - Poem by ovidd bcw

i prefer a 'sweet' martini
as opposed to one 'dirty'

its difference being
the salt
though i may not love
any lady any way
on any holiday
the way i should
i could never pass any opportunity
designed to provide
an intricate and ultimate
to all of nature
this is a message to You

you have been a pup,
perhaps even a puppet
a dancing bear,
an embarrassment

but i loved you

i decided it was
'girls just wanted to have fun'
and men were happiest
for it was the way i wanted them
to be

i even forgave
the whole 'tree thing'
the apples were not
... i was just testing

you are going to die
anyway, ha!

you can have a sip and smile,
but pardon
i need to pause
to cough...

well i found you required
or you would not survive

and i knew
if you were incapable
of self sustenance
you would be far too much trouble
for anyone
let alone me

do you not see
i did much to ease your troubles
and in certain ways
i needed you

so i began giving rules
which seemed to never be sufficient
because for every one i wrote
it seemed another one
was broke
and yet another
rule was needed

everone kept failing
at everything i did,
even the man-made rules
to supplement those i wrote
faled too

i was such a failure
for thinking
this could ever work,
my father warned me

but then something
beautiful happened,
beginning as one
growing into a mass
stretching across
it became phenomenon

a message
a truth

what really happened?

no one wanted truth
so they made it all up

i know this is extraordinary
but i am too
and everything you believe
is wrong

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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