The 'Me' And The 'I' Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

The 'Me' And The 'I'

In the beginning of times, I mean in the days of my infant,
the ‘Me’ was the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ was the ‘Me’, through thin and thick
the ‘Me’ didn’t hide from the ‘I’, or vice versa cos I was indivisible,
now the ‘Me’ is not the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ not the ‘Me’, deathly divided.

The ‘Me’ you see is good, lowly, worriless and passionate,
one that is nice, gentle, lovely, openminded and accomplished,
lover of people, sweet, graceful, adorned with a charming smile,
yet the ‘I’ you don’t see and can’t see may freeze your soul.

In public all you see is the ‘Me’ that I want you to see period,
when in dark, the ‘I’ comes out and swallow the ‘Me’ alive and whole,
the ‘I’, evil in thinking, deathly in dealings, selfish in nature,
the ‘I’ ruthlessness is cantankerously beyond the ‘Me’ imagination.

The ‘Me’ is a mirage, because its not what you think it is,
the ‘I’ is an illusion, except for the ‘Me’ who truly know the ‘I’,
both are deceiving especially the ‘I’ you don’t get to see and hear,
the ‘Me’ I guess is a tender lamb and the ‘I’ a fierce looking lioness.

Love seems abundant within the ‘Me’ that you see day by day,
yet hatred rules the heart of the ‘I’ you don’t and can’t ever see,
cos the ‘Me’ you see is just a pretence, a double standard and false,
but the ‘I’ you cannot see is hypocritical, a liar, dubious and vengeful.

The ‘Me’ that you see is not the ‘I’ that I am and wanna be daily,
my best foot is the ‘Me’ I want you to see not the ‘I’ that I’ve hidden,
for the ‘I’ that I am love darkness more than light, war more than peace,
yet the ‘I’ that I wanna be, is the ‘Me’ that I am being now, though imperfect.

Pray for the ‘Me’ my friends and more for the ‘I’ that I may be one and same,
for the ‘Me’ and the ‘I’ ain’t one and united anymore as in the beginning,
in light and darkness, in open and in secret, for better for worst, always,
I truly desire the ‘Me’ and the ‘I’ to be one and united as it was from start.

Isaac 'Slimx
November 2008

asma Jone 05 December 2008

Me and I very well written, this is like my favorite from all the ones you have written, just really appreciated this.To me it's like perfect the way everything is defined.

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