Isaac 'slimx'

Isaac 'slimx' Poems

1. Run Mumbai Run 12/5/2008
2. The Broken Wall Garden 12/5/2008
3. The 'Me' And The 'I' 12/5/2008
4. I Don'T Know Why 12/5/2008
5. Up Is Down 12/8/2008
6. A Dog Eat Dog World 12/11/2008
7. Things 12/11/2008
8. The Face Of Happiness 1/1/2009
9. Amazing Disgrace 1/3/2009
10. Deja Vu 1/25/2009
11. Boredom 1/25/2009
12. Mental Deficit 6/18/2009
13. God 6/18/2009
14. Some Of Jesus Typical Friends 6/18/2009
15. Words 7/4/2009
16. Abortion Picketing 7/15/2009
17. God Is Not Black 1/19/2010
18. Dark And Black 1/19/2010
19. This Is Why I Cry 1/19/2010
20. The Lonely Heart 1/19/2010
21. Death Row 1/19/2010
22. Dead Man's Shoe 1/27/2010
23. The Multitude Creed 1/28/2010
24. It's A Matter Of Time 1/25/2009
25. Deportee 12/5/2008
26. Don'T Ask God 6/18/2009
27. Soul Prostitute 1/13/2010
28. You Alone 12/5/2008
29. Heaven 1/1/2009
30. Addiction 12/4/2008

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On a windy autumn evening, I wanted a walk,
to fill my soul with the pleasures of life,
to satisfy my passions and soul desires,
cos tomorrow I may die and will be no more.

I made the move and there I went,
at a corner in groove, I met a man,
a frail looking old man with fire in his eyes
who promise me some fun fill time with
stories from ancient times.

The old man’s stories were filled with fun,
it gripped my soul and took my breathe away,
I wanted more but had to leave,
cos darkness had come and the stars were rising.

Come to my ...

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It was easy and breezy, nothing sneezy and sleazy where I was living,
it was sensational abiding with the sons of God, right there in heavenly places,
I used to stay awake listening to sweet lyrics from the Son of dawn (day star) ,
my heart knew no pain, my soul refreshed daily by his Presence
I could fly if I wanted, I could run and not faint, could walk miles and not be weary,
This was just before I became a deportee.

Then I wasn’t laughed at, truly I wasn’t discriminated against b

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