Isaac 'slimx' Poems

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On a windy autumn evening, I wanted a walk,
to fill my soul with the pleasures of life,
to satisfy my passions and soul desires,
cos tomorrow I may die and will be no more.


A place of joy and pleasure,
Where pains nor hurts exists,
its all over around us,
why look for it afar?

You Alone

You alone can feel my pains, you alone know about my tears,
You alone know how I feel, you alone know why I’m vexed,
Lord a touch, I pray you give my soul, then I’ll know that all my hurts will dissipate
You alone, Lord can really handle it, you alone can sort it out,

Don'T Ask God

Don’t ask God for wisdom lest he give you folly to teach your heart.
Don’t ask God for wealth lest he give you poverty to make you depend on him.
Don’t ask God for vision lest he give you blindness to guide your way.
Don’t ask God for strength lest he give you weakness to sustain you.


It was easy and breezy, nothing sneezy and sleazy where I was living,
it was sensational abiding with the sons of God, right there in heavenly places,
I used to stay awake listening to sweet lyrics from the Son of dawn (day star) ,
my heart knew no pain, my soul refreshed daily by his Presence

It's A Matter Of Time

Your sorrows may not disappear,
Still trouble lingers on and on,
Success may have elude you,
But I say that’s not the end of road,

Deja Vu

Don’t get me started nor take this lightly,
Lest you see my lightning flash,
I feel energized like a quiver,
Darting and flying, striking and shrinking,


Staring at this phantom freedom,
which I have built like a kingdom,
much larger than the super dome,
with bricks of poison and tantrum,

Amazing Disgrace

Amazing disgrace brought amazing grace,
For through injustice met out to him,
Justification and sanctification is mine,
And through His brutal murder without the gate,

The 'Me' And The 'I'

In the beginning of times, I mean in the days of my infant,
the ‘Me’ was the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ was the ‘Me’, through thin and thick
the ‘Me’ didn’t hide from the ‘I’, or vice versa cos I was indivisible,
now the ‘Me’ is not the ‘I’ and the ‘I’ not the ‘Me’, deathly divided.

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