The Measure Of A Man Poem by Traquita Thomas

The Measure Of A Man

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What is the measure of a man?
Is it strength?
Or fearlessness?
The ability to lead others down the right path?
The ability to inspire the seed of greatness in those who need encouragement?
If the aforementioned are measuring tools,
Then many live life as men.
Do you wear your love for God like shining armor?
Is the love of God resting upon and guiding you?
No one can question your strength, intelligence or leadership.
There are plaques, and championships to prove the ability to lead.
Measuring sticks the world uses to define a man.
What can’t be measured is the soul of a man.
A man’s soul is the inward interpretation of his outer shell.
May your soul catch fire.
The flames of decency, honor and integrity burning bright.
Bright enough to light the way
For hundreds of young men in the dark.
Bright enough to bring honor
To a world forever changed by your presence.
Bright enough to heat the souls of younger men you leave behind.
The true measure of a man is the legacy he leaves.
Be you husband, father, brother or friend,
Leave your torch burning brightly,
And we will never allow the flame to die.
As we are all warmed by the fire of a true Man.

Vada Thomas 25 July 2015

Amazing Grace. Love, love. Thank you for sharing, Keep writing. Vada thomas

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Dawn Fuzan 15 May 2014

Traquita Amazing poetry here keep on writing

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Traquita Thomas

Traquita Thomas

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