Apudo Apudo

The Musing King - Poem by Apudo Apudo

He had reigned unmoved on his throne

A medieval upheaval's brute stone

Hunched forward, like a sage

Eager to drink from a new page

A slit, a sail listening to seasons' wind

All around, singing a prayer for a flare of mind

Revering evenings' distant heights

Eavesdropping on nightly celestial lights

Diligently slipping on, the bold mask

Untangling alien cords, dawn till dusk

Enforcing a bullish decree of silence

An unyielding fortress of quiet assurance

Indeed, time brimmed the cup he had sought

Overflowing through dykes dug by thought

He stood, beheld far and below his dome

A road that already forked before his home

Picked his staff, for it had stood stout

When all about, had but trusted doubt

Bound his robe on on a rested shoulder

Ready for voyage, a conqueror's era

His earlier traps would be his abiding maps

His sooner triumphs would be his sterling caps

Yet another guileless late bloomer

Scouring within, for a redeemer

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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