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The Old Empty Shoe - Poem by ness tillson

The real felling behind the scene,
Is me dying forever, an old has been,
Crying forever, got it all wrong,
Sing out of tune this rotten old song.

The real me under cover,
The real revelation is 'Game Over'
Check and mate,

For God's sake!

Its over and gone
The end of my song,
No more rhythm
No more rime
No more living,
It's the end of the line

For God's sake!
Stop moving, crying and screaming

For God's sake!
Stop laughing, talking and thinking

For God's sake!
Open the gate

To eternal life,
Eternal strife
Eternal death,
My last wheezing breath.

For God's sake!
Don't let me go,
Ribbons and bows,
The end of the show
As we are all shot dead.
Arrow through my head,

Bow tie on my bed,
Don't be late for the party you said.

Don't be late and don't go away,
Don't leave me alone another day,
My mind is frozen, my body is gone,
My soul is silent, the end of my song.

As the real me rises out of the dark,
From behind the scenes,
From the grave in the park
The real me and the real you
The torn fading dress,
An old broken shoe

A memory forgotten in the nights of time,
A love once true, no longer mine,
The real me, screaming for mercy,
Crying and pleading for no reason,
For you to put me out of my misery.

The real me and the real you,
Empty confusion, an empty old shoe
The real feeling from behind the scenes,
Never existed has never been.

God is gone, left and forsaken,
Love is cold, empty and forgotten.

Illusion has been worn down to a thread,
And there's nothing left of the sheet on my bed.
Nothing left to cover my soul,
My empty heart my begging bowl.

Open now to the howling wind,
The cold dark night
The loud laughing din
Of people passing by in the street,
Drink to your health,
Please take a seat.
A toast for the man, who's dead and gone!
A toast for the man who's forgotten his song! .

And the world goes on laughing
As you pas by,
No nod of your head
No wink in your eye.
I'm just lost left to drift on this endless sea,
Not you nor them, not us nor me.

Anguish and confusion are my daily bread
My sins are forgiven, but my soul is dead!

Why did you leave me alone on the hill?
The nails through my feet, my hands and soul.
Why did I die alone and forgotten?
Crushed to nothing an empty illusion.

Who are you, and who am I
To raise my eyes before I die
What rhyme, what reason
Can justify my cause
Justify the existence of my words,

Condemned to silence an empty shell
My soul falls from heaven down into hell
The real situation of my empty soul,
My open hand, my begging bowl.

The real question is,
Is it me or is it you
Who left behind this old empty shoe?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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