Bashyam Narayanan

The One Game We All Play - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

The one game we all play

We play games
To show our valour
And mainly to win

We do not mind going for coaching
If we feel we do not have the
Required strength to win

We play games
Either as a team or individual
The attempt is to demonstrate
That we are better talented
Than the team or member
Against whom we play

Nations enthuse people to play games
So that they add pride

Some games are played with
Gadgets and protective accessories

We have spectators to watch
The way we play
We have umpires and referees
Who ensure rules of the games
Are strictly adhered
And it is all a fair play

We play games indoor or outdoor
We play games in daylight
Or under artificial illumination

We score while playing
And the score achieved by a team or individual
In a specific time
Decides the winner

We telecast the games
We comment on the strengths and weaknesses
Of a team or individual

We conduct national and international
Tournaments to declare a team or individual
As champion

Irrespective of skills, race, gender
We all play a game
Which is played mainly to lose
It is an individual game
With no specific rules
With no umpire
With no spectator
With no commentator
With no TV coverage
With no scores
With no trophies
With no victory stands
With no top scorer
With no “player of the match”
But we play

Most of us like to play this game
Indoor and in closed doors
Decency and civilized ways
Do not allow this game being played in the open

There is no season for this game
It can be played any part of the day
And any part of the year
Summer, winter, monsoon seasons
Have no bearing on this game

The one requirement in this game is
Complete transparency and intimacy

Rules for this game
Vary from individual to individual
Rules also get refined
With the experience of the players

There are no restrictions to employ
Any method as both the players
Are determined to be the loser

Duration of play depends again
On the individuals

The game ends
Most often to the satisfaction
Of the both the players

In other games players declare
That they are retiring from playing
There is no retirement in this game
As players advance in age
They understand it is more a mind game

Outcome of this game
Are further more players

You guessed it right
It is the game of love

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 7, 2010

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