The Oyster And The Starfish Poem by Philip Doolittle

The Oyster And The Starfish

The oyster and the starfish were walking hand in hand;
They were strolling by the seaside in tons and tons of sand.
The starfish said to the oyster, “My friend, I need to go.
My cousin, who is a clownfish, is putting on a show.”
The oyster said, “Don’t go, my friend, for let us take a walk;
Then when we tire and want to rest, we’ll sit so we can talk.”
Well, they started to argue and dispute; it was not a pretty sight,
For they bickered and squabbled and quarreled and fought with all their force and might.
But suddenly they stopped and then they stared, for they saw a tiny fairy.
She had come to punish them, they knew, for she did not seem too merry.
“Oh, you must stop this now! ” she cried. “You two are friends, not foes.
And if this foolishness doesn’t stop right now, you both will lose your nose.”
“I have no fear, O little lady, ” said the starfish with much glee.
But the fairy said, “You’ll meet your doom; just wait and you will see.”
The oyster said, “The lady’s right, for we will soon find
That being nice will always pay, and that we must be kind.”

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