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Glad, cheerful
Laughing, playing, frolicking
Victories, holidays, funerals, losses

The Lord is my shepherd.
He leads me each day.
His staff, it corrects me
If ever I stray.

There was a young man from Japan
Who only knew how to make flan.
He said, “I just wish
That I had some fish

Now, I can still recall that day:
The sun was blue, the moon was gray,
And frozen lakes had all been burned
When those who never went returned.

One summer day I went for a swim.
The sunlight glistened off the lake.
My mind told me, “For goodness sake,
Go ahead and just jump in! ”

The Bible is the perfect Book for me.
Its truths have lasted through eternity.

The pages of this Book hold wealth untold:

The oyster and the starfish were walking hand in hand;
They were strolling by the seaside in tons and tons of sand.
The starfish said to the oyster, “My friend, I need to go.
My cousin, who is a clownfish, is putting on a show.”

America is my favorite land.
It’s the best place to be:
From East to West, from North to South,
From sea to shining sea.

Before oysters lived in the sea
They lived in Camelot.
They were born and raised there,
And they ran and played and fought.


I had some money; I wanted some pets: but which one should I buy?
I came to a store with animals galore, so I asked the pet shop guy.
“Oh, buy a monkey, ” said the man in the store. “They are cunning, and playful, too.”
So I bought a nice chimp and I took him home; but Mom sent him to the zoo.

I woke up; I sat upright; for I had heard a noise that night.
Slowly looking round, I saw a shadow creeping through the hall.
While quietly following, I thought I heard a sound like a rapid shot.
So I rushed to the kitchen, but I saw not a single soul at all.

Mary had a little lamb;
Its fleece was not too white.
It was a vicious animal:
It loved to kick and bite.

Philip Doolittle Biography

Philip Doolittle is the son of a missionary to Brazil. He enjoys writing poetry and does so as often as he can. He is also working on two books.)

The Best Poem Of Philip Doolittle

Birds In A Forest (Haiku)

A cool, green forest:
Birds are chirping cheerfully,
Singing melodies.

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Philip Doolittle Popularity

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