The Pack Is Intact Poem by Mohamedkhadar Yussuf

The Pack Is Intact

For Fatuma Gedi

They tried to claw you with their weak nails,
but what is a rat's claw to an elephant's back, Fatuma?
simply zero work!
What is a rat's claw to you when you have an intact pack
behind you, fatuma?
Terrible fail!
They couldn't claw you when you were spreading your
wings in August of 2017,
When you were a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly,
when the pack behind you was grouping and
was not as strong as it is now.
You are a giant of your own now and a cough from
a rat will not make you move an inch!
You are an elephant and there is always a spot
in you a rat cannot reach, cannot dream to reach
no matter what!

Drop after drop their shame will leak,
just like the fake video they leaked
Minute after minute their lives will crumble,
just like how they intended to crumble yours
One after the other they will fall to their knees
begging for forgiveness,
just like they intended to make you fall on yours
In that instance, what will you do, Fatuma?
Of course you will always be the giant that will
look down at them, with your head high,

We have heard and we have seen their terrible ploy
to fell an invincible giant in you,
a giant with an intact pack behind.
From Wajir to Hargeisa you have our support,
from Garissa to Jigjiga you have our protection,
from Mandera to Mogadishu you have our trust,
because you are a mother, Fatuma,
because you are a sister, Fatuma,
because you are a giant of her own, Fatuma,
because you are the elephant that refused to fall,
because you are the skin that refused to be clawed,
because you are the butterfly that spread its wings

You have the world at your feet, Fatuma
Just like Cleopatra!
A bark from a spanner boy will not tremble you,
neither will a cough from any other hater!
March on, Cleopatra and the rats will crumble to your feet
as the pack from behind (us)back you!



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