Aiswarya Menon

The Pandemonium - Poem by Aiswarya Menon

Tick Tock Tick Tock, went that clock,
I stared at its round stale striped face
It seemed to be smiling at me, more like
A giggle at the plight I was in....
As every second marks the measure of my breathe
And every minute the intensity of my heartbeat.
I wait like, some princess in a fairy tale of my own,
Patient, not stirring for a moment, stupefied....
Inspite of the pandemonium in my head,
Lost in a sequestered heaven, with angels who,
Kept on singing those new hollywood love songs...
And I was mesmerised by the candid emotions..
Which kept floundering around in my brain,
Little did I know that, I was just being a character,
Created in the figments of my own imagination,
The girl for whom, all the best things happened,
Silly I am, sometimes, for I just let my thoughts
To run lose, possibilities were limitless for me,
But I was wrong, was wronged....
One of the resultants of those teenage tribulations
No more, no less....and so I realised..
Because I stopped waiting...forever
I did not have time to lose anymore, because
I knew that beyond that despondent wall
Was a new world for me, another battlefield of wits
And in that world, there is no place for blind commitments
And confessions, so I took up the challenge for,
Life had offered me another chance, a different road,
And I am going to walk that road..! :)

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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