Danielle Mari Nidea

The Pane - Poem by Danielle Mari Nidea

Your green-tipped fingers envelop the skies
Filled with poppy-like pebbles, it brings lust to our eyes.
You gather some power and then give it a go
For the one-sided mirror to give us a show.

A beautiful sight, such a wondrous read.
My heart gulps saliva with the sweetest of greed.
The beams in my eye watch you dance with your panes
Right under the negative legality rains.

They're ownership rights, with rights of rights too.
They're rights against lefts, and half lefts are from you.
Those lights make us dizzy, that's what they say.
So it's suffer tomorrow or surrender today.

You draw a linear locus on the face of our celestials.
And we hang on to the arrowheads, protecting our credentials.
All connecting one huge web, you choose to stay at the core.
It may be warm, but be wary of the spider's hungry roar.

Again raise your hand, so to stop this at once.
The bees aim correctly, and so do their guns.
You can no longer comprehend the colors that you see.
You just sit there all 'dazzled' but your heart's not of glee.

Your spins make our roofs fly all over the place
And you know that its art is such a disgrace.
I also love this freakshow of rainbow streaks although
The content of its empty background scares my souls of long ago.

For the sake of the sinkholes and the coordinates here,
Stop all the spinning lest our worlds disappear.
And we promise, in exchange, to take you with us to a land
Where you'll have all the Ls you need to mend your precious hand.

Topic(s) of this poem: sin

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Poem Submitted: Monday, July 14, 2014

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