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The Predator - Poem by donald kuutsi

Are we going to make it? if another life is taken every second, every minute, every hour,
THE PREDATOR, AIDS, world number one enemy has got the whole world shaking, everyday our relatives are being taken away..

Its like running the race whilst the legs are amputted everyday as we lose lives because of ''THE PREDATOR'' a creature which doesnt have mercy and favouratism, whether rich, poor, young and old it strikes you...

Whenever you cross it zone you will be its prey, ''THE PREDATOR'' a vicious creature which doesnt spare anyone who crosses its boundary, once you are in its zone it will strike and spit at you with its poisonous venom which will paralyse your immune For the rest of your LIFE..NO one will escape from it jaws when it holds you when u are in its zone...

''THE PREDATOR'' has no mercy to anyone who crosses its boundary, it will strike you, ''THE PREDATOR'' Doesn't hunt for its prey but insteda its prey hunts for THE PREDATOR, through prostitution, multiple sexual relationships and promiscous behaviour, you will be its prey...

Although they is medicine to prolong the victims of the predator, life will be uncertain because you will be a walking grave as THE PREDATOR'S VENOM will be permanent just like a tattoo..Still life remains uncertain because we keep on loosing our beloved ones daily..

The biggest question of the day.what legacy will be left behind for the orphans who have deceased parents? HIV/AIDS GENERATION, Ladies and Gentlemen, lets us think before we act, let us think about the siblings we have @ home each time we are about to engage in ''THE PREDATOR'S ZONE'' because THE PREDATOR'S VENOM has no cure the power to make it happen is within us, the only cure is ABSTAINANCE AND STICKING TO ONE PARTNER...

Are we going to sit back and relax
as if nothing is happening, everyday orphans are being left without guardians...

Let us be louder than the silent killers, the power is within us, we can win the race if we unite against the fight of the HIV/AIDS epidemy..It is time for a change
let us wake up and smell the coffee and have the sense of direction for tommorow, united we stand divided we fall, TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AGAINST THE ''PREDATOR''

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