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The Price To Reach Your Destination - Poem by 2bpositive 2bpositive

Pain and suffering which we are often forced to endure
are an anguish of the mind which we cannot ignore
at times we have tried to help someone in need
only to receive in return greater troubles to heed

To lose the power to do that which is right
nothing worse other than the greatest slight
while the more we might struggle to be set free
the more these troubles increase in their intensity

As we contemplate what the end will bring
sometimes seeing nothing but sorrow for everything
then our friends bare witness, what have we become
a confused conscience is all that we have won

As time goes by, left is but a single memory to recall
when this too is gone, what remains but our own downfall
so we seek an escape, some refuge, anywhere to run
but we find it is too late, our web has already been spun

Everything in life has a price, only sometimes we realize to late
how much precious time we wasted, as we approach our final gate
while the clock ticks away, and with the inevitable growing near
sorrowfully reflecting on our past, for in the end who would care

A smart man learns from his own mistakes, this he will never repeat
while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, and becomes complete
why continue to waste time, why suffer from that which cannot be made straight
there is great benefit in choosing wisely to avoid pain, and avert that terrible fate

Reconcile yourself with the facts of life, real happiness comes only with sacrifice
it is foolishness for one to think, you can have both worlds living a life of vice
just weigh the temporal pleasures you so much sought, and what they really cost
in the world of truth we will find, only righteousness is ours, all else will be lost

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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