Reed Dietiker

The Reaction - Poem by Reed Dietiker

Im on the verge of giving up

It isnt fair, I cant compare to this love

Its cutting me down and tearing me apart

I wish for a second, I could have her heart

I know it would be nice, it may just complete my life

Or it could save me

It will never end

Until its undone

That doestnt mean...trying to run, grabbing the gun, looking into the sun

But to, take it slow, to learn and grow, leaving behind what you may never know

And if it is true, without you... I'll live in blue

I'll live in the rain, no matter of tears and pain

It tears, from limb to limb.stretching of every muscle and bone

The feeling you know your alone

Its a slow death to some...the never ending song

But its stuck, to remind me, where I belong...gone

Never again in the way...for a love to save

Because the way I feel, I wish my skin would peel

My nerves stripped so I cant feel, become calloused

Let me walk into the ocean a mile...and make the underwater smile

Shove me into the cold with nothing but a coat

Send me to the desert with a shovel, I'll dig my own grave

Give me a boat so I could just Sail

Is this too much? Is this not what you want?

Then prove it to me

Prove to me I aint worth digging my own grave

Prove to me Im worth it...

Prove to me Im worth keeping around

I dont talk so much so there goes the sound

What is my presence good for? Why do you need it anymore?

Im just fine talking to the Raven...he talks back

Were the same, its a heart we lack...the one we need to breath

Were speaking on our last few thoughts as we tie these knots

Please be calm, you're flipping the The Reaction I get for trying to love you?

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 4, 2012

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