The Real Neighbour From Hell - Halloween Party Poem by Yvonne Rautenbach

The Real Neighbour From Hell - Halloween Party

This is definitely not the place to have a party
because every carport echos like the Matterhorn.
You should wipe that smile right off your face
For all all the peace you might have had is gone
I say emphatically dont expect to use your study
because brick paving is like cobbles out of History
Skateboards rumble up and down the place
And why they dont fall off is quite a mystery
This is definitely not the place to hoover the car
because everyone for miles will know you are
You can run your motor but you cannot hide
for your noise will be broadcast yes far and wide.
The gardens are enswirled with odd accoustics
And traffic on the bypass sounds like chalks
Dykes run through and full of smelly poo sticks
And cars are parked in places meant for walks
This is definitely not the place for celebrations
For the earth will cough it up a mile away and more
Your dancing feet and Gothic beat will vent vibrations
And call a sleepless zombie to your door
I wrote to the big shots this is no spoof
Just watch that rancid roasting barbecue
for fire engines cannot do their bit until you move
Your waiting coffins lining the avenue
In your Halloween cloaks you are demons reeling
Vampires in the early hours feasting free...............
And I reach into my closet for my loaded rifle
And I am humming 'have a drink, have a drink on me! '

(I dont usually write macabre stuff but I was set this as a project at a writers group and it came out with this little twisty tail to my surprise!)

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