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Wandering man dreams of a place
with no demands yet no disgrace
with nice clean sheets, a fragrant pillow,
Wills that bend around like willow

Shining black moon
Thrilled with teeth
Come to our shores
Of gold and grief

Beloved tools unstirred
They are strangers
Brushes, pencils, pens
Erased from my picture

The Ballad of Mary and Chappie

She was wandering whitehaired clutching her lead

Faces bow In days unknowing
Gaze upon a virgin sheet
Smileys in a snowstorm glowing
Painting lips which never meet

Dear Old Stick! !

Images of Derek with his stick
A gentleman with touch of royal chic

Market Day in Ely city

Busking, business clink and clatter

A spell a spell was cast on me
Turned to stone and apathy
I sit I sit like lifeless slate
Layers of crumbling on my plate


Some things are said without saying
But sadly a few never said
A word which is painful in coming
Can get lost in the thoughts of your head.

I sit by the cliffs at the foot of the hills
The sea ambles in
While the river infills
Gulls are but dashes in mist

You have chosen your rack
and put me in mine
Labelled and corked and all in line
Haughty necked thoughts fermenting

I went to you in pain and told my tale
How I saw the world in darkness now gone stale

There is a knife in the hand of a vicious breeze
I wonder did it murder the trees?
There is noise like acid and wasps in my head
Did they rattle my nerves until they were dead?

Possibly a love I never knew
He stood for strength and resolution too
Carved like oak but softer than cut stone
Shoring up and beaming all alone

Grey streaked walker in the mist
Oaken branch within your fist
Cautiously your ankles twist
You make this reason to exist

This is definitely not the place to have a party
because every carport echos like the Matterhorn.
You should wipe that smile right off your face
For all all the peace you might have had is gone

I rarely write about love but I saw a teenage couple locked in love's embrace but with agony and despair on their faces..At 52 I suddenly remembered it well and wrote this..

Autumn arrives, arrests me like a friend
Leads me to her mall for us to spend
A little time on treasures she has wrought
Rubies, emeralds, diamonds yet unbought

Once more the evening falls
Upon the playground in the shade.
Reflecting in my seeping tears
Upon the games I played.


You are all

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The Best Poem Of Yvonne Rautenbach

The Wandering Man - Homeless

Wandering man dreams of a place
with no demands yet no disgrace
with nice clean sheets, a fragrant pillow,
Wills that bend around like willow
Settle him and he displaces
You demand and he disgraces...
Oh the sadness on our faces
he would not let us tie his laces!
Preferred old shoes which leaked in places
Left a tidemark on the pillow
burnt out element in the 'grillo'
Wandering man he leaves each place
Bent and buckled like his face.

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Peter Vealey 31 January 2021

ARE U WRITING ON HERE OR AT ALL? happy new year, moved last year, horrendous, you still in Ely with hubby? Peter V, TRYING TO GETANOTHER PAPERBACK PUBLISHED.

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Derek Wilcox 20 June 2007

Thank you Yvonne: o) I've enjoyed reading all of your poems, your verbal virtuosity is very pleasing! Love, The Music Teacher x

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