Dark Infinity

The Recital - Poem by Dark Infinity

My heart was pounding in my chest
I knew I had to do my best
My palms were sweating profusely
and hanging by my sides uselessly

Nerves started to freak me out
I was filled with so much doubt
I wanted to run, I wanted to hide
but knew I could not escape the fear inside

Two big doors we had to go through
that led to the auditorium room
we descended down a slope
as I lost more and more hope

The chairs squeaked as we sat down
Upon my face sat a frown
The piano, large and looming, on the stage
filled me with so much rage

The lady stood at the front of the room talking
her gaze, her cheery gaze, locking
locking onto the crowd which was a few
and even less of which I actually knew

Silence-then a girl stood
and soon after I would
She stood, she bowed
We clapped-we all did-the crowd

Four more people until I had to go
Three, two, oh no!
One more, then there was me
Me next, me wanting so desperately to flee

The steps made a loud thump sound
That, was added to my worry mound
The lights, blaring, made me uneasy
and also made my stomach feel very queasy

The piano, bathed in night
gave me a spine tingling fright
I took a deep breath, I counted to three
and began to play effortlessly

My fingers led the way
My fingers, they never lead me astray
The sound, the music resonated off the ceiling
the feeling it gave me sent me reeling

I stood, I bowed
They clapped-they all did-the crowd
Walking off stage I felt light I felt free
The sky was the limit, for a growing tree

It was over, now done
The anticipated moment had come
and gone by, then relief set in
Vivacious energy enriched my soul from within

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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