The Right Family Poem by Edgar Albert Guest

The Right Family

With time our notions allus change,
An' years make old idees seem strange-
Take Mary there- time was when she
Thought one child made a family,
An' when our eldest, Jim, was born
She used to say, both night an' morn':
'One little one to love an' keep,
To guard awake, an' watch asleep;
To bring up right an' lead him through
Life's path is all we ought to do.'

Two years from then our Jennie came,
But Mary didn't talk the same;
'Now that's just right,' she said to me,
'We've got the proper family-
A boy an' girl, God sure is good;
It seems as though He understood
That I've been hopin' every way
To have a little girl some day;
Sometimes I've prayed the whole night through-
One ain't enough; we needed two.'

Then as the months went rollin' on,
One day the stork brought little John,
An' Mary smiled an' said to me;
'The proper family is three;
Two boys, a girl to romp an' play-
Jus' work enough to fill the day.
I never had enough to do,
The months that we had only two;
Three's jus' right, pa, we don't want more.'
Still time went on an' we had four.

An' that was years ago, I vow,
An' we have six fine children now;
An' Mary's plumb forgot the day
She used to sit an' sweetly say
That one child was enough for her
To love an' give the proper care;
One, two or three or four or five-
Why, goodness gracious, sakes alive,
If God should send her ten to-night,
She'd vow her fam'ly was jus' right!

Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

Birmingham / England
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