The Royal Tombs Of Golconda Poem by Sarojini Naidu

The Royal Tombs Of Golconda

Rating: 2.6

I MUSE among these silent fanes
Whose spacious darkness guards your dust;
Around me sleep the hoary plains
That hold your ancient wars in trust.

I pause, my dreaming spirit hears,
Across the wind's unquiet tides,
The glimmering music of your spears,
The laughter of your royal brides.

In vain, O Kings, doth time aspire
To make your names oblivion's sport,
While yonder hill wears like a tier
The ruined grandeur of your fort.

Though centuries falter and decline,
Your proven strongholds shall remain
Embodied memories of your line,
Incarnate legends of your reign.

O Queens, in vain old Fate decreed
Your flower-like bodies to the tomb;
Death is in truth the vital seed
Of your imperishable bloom

Each new-born year the bulbuls sing
Their songs of your renascent loves;
Your beauty wakens with the spring
To kindle these pomegranate groves.

sanjana 18 July 2018

explain in hindi please u r reading the same line that reading prat we can aslo doooo

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Ramalakshmi 10 September 2019

Send summary of the poem the royal tombs of golconda

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Ramalakshmi 03 September 2019

Please send summary of the poem

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Jajaj 11 February 2019


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Mounika 07 October 2018

This is super pome very interesting poem

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It is poem yarr not pome

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Twinkle 20 August 2018

Explain in hindi please

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Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu

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