Sarojini Naidu Poems

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Palanquin Bearers

Lightly, O lightly we bear her along,
She sways like a flower in the wind of our song;
She skims like a bird on the foam of a stream,
She floats like a laugh from the lips of a dream.

Autumn Song

Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow,
   The sunset hangs on a cloud;
A golden storm of glittering sheaves,
Of fair and frail and fluttering leaves,

Indian Weavers

WEAVERS, weaving at break of day,
Why do you weave a garment so gay? . . .
Blue as the wing of a halcyon wild,
We weave the robes of a new-born child.

An Indian Love Song


Lift up the veils that darken the delicate moon
of thy glory and grace,

Coromandel Fishers

Rise, brothers, rise; the wakening skies pray to the morning light,
The wind lies asleep in the arms of the dawn like a child that has cried all night.
Come, let us gather our nets from the shore and set our catamarans free,
To capture the leaping wealth of the tide, for we are the kings of the sea!

Cradle Song

From groves of spice,
O'er fields of rice,
Athwart the lotus-stream,
I bring for you,

In The Forest

HERE, O my heart, let us burn the dear dreams that are dead,
Here in this wood let us fashion a funeral pyre
Of fallen white petals and leaves that are mellow and red,
Here let us burn them in noon's flaming torches of fire.


Cover mine eyes, O my Love!
Mine eyes that are weary of bliss
As of light that is poignant and strong
O silence my lips with a kiss,

A Love Song From The North

Tell me no more of thy love, papeeha,
Wouldst thou recall to my heart, papeeha,
Dreams of delight that are gone,
When swift to my side came the feet of my lover


CHILDREN, ye have not lived, to you it seems
Life is a lovely stalactite of dreams,
Or carnival of careless joys that leap
About your hearts like billows on the deep

Sarojini Naidu Poems and Quotes in Hindi and English | Who is Sarojini Naidu?

Sarojini Naidu was a celebrated Indian poet and political activist who wrote in English. Here are a few of her most famous poems:

"Palanquin Bearers": This poem is about the joys and sorrows of life, and how one can find solace in the love of others.

"In the Bazaars of Hyderabad": This poem describes the sights and sounds of a busy marketplace in Hyderabad, India.

"The Soul's Prayer": This is a beautiful prayer to the divine, asking for guidance and strength.

"To India": In this poem, Naidu expresses her love for India and its people, and calls on them to rise up and fight for their freedom.

"Indian Dancers": This poem celebrates the beauty and grace of Indian classical dance.

"The Song of Princess Zeb-un-Nissa": This poem is based on the life of a real historical figure, a Mughal princess who was also a poet and artist.

"The Pardah Nashin": This poem is about a woman who lives in seclusion behind a veil, and her longing for freedom.

"The Coromandel Fishers": This poem is a tribute to the hardworking fishermen of the Coromandel Coast in southern India.

These are just a few examples of the many beautiful poems written by Sarojini Naidu.

Sarojini Naidu Poems in English

Sarojini Naidu was a prominent Indian poet and political activist who wrote primarily in English. Here are a few of her most well-known poems:

"The Gift of India": A patriotic poem that describes the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers during World War I.

"Indian Weavers": A tribute to the skilled weavers of India, who create beautiful textiles using traditional techniques.

"The Bangle Sellers": This poem celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian bangles, and the women who wear them.

"A Song of Love": A romantic poem that compares the love between two people to the beauty of nature.

"Coromandel Fishers": This poem describes the lives of fishermen on the Coromandel Coast of India, and the dangers they face on the sea.

"The Royal Tombs of Golconda": A poem about the historic tombs of the Qutb Shahi dynasty in Hyderabad, India.

"To My Children": A mother's love letter to her children, expressing her hopes and dreams for their future.

"The Snake-Charmer": This poem describes the art of snake-charming, and the mesmerizing effect it has on the audience.

These are just a few examples of Sarojini Naidu's beautiful and evocative poetry.

Sarojini Naidu Poems in Hindi

Sarojini Naidu was a prolific poet who wrote primarily in English, and there are not many records of her poems in Hindi. However, here are a few of her famous poems that have been translated into Hindi:

"Bharat Ki Beti": This poem celebrates the spirit of Indian womanhood, and their strength and resilience.

"Yadi Main Sushma Hota": A satirical poem that imagines what would happen if the speaker were a powerful politician.

"Bhookamp": This poem describes the devastating effects of an earthquake, and the courage of those who survive it.

"Himmat": This poem is a call to action, urging readers to have courage in the face of adversity.

"Desh Ki Azadi": A patriotic poem that celebrates India's struggle for independence and the sacrifices made by its people.

"Nadi Ki Awaaz": This poem personifies a river as a woman, who speaks of her beauty and the role she plays in the lives of those who depend on her.

"Mere Baccho": A mother's love letter to her children, expressing her hopes and dreams for their future.

These are just a few examples of Sarojini Naidu's poetry that have been translated into Hindi.

Sarojini Naidu Quotes in Hindi

Here are some famous quotes by Sarojini Naidu in Hindi:

"जीवन एक अनुभव है, उसे पूरी तरह जियो।" (Life is an experience, live it fully.)

"आज बच्चों को आदर दें, कल वे देश का भविष्य होंगे।" (Respect children today, they will be the future of the country tomorrow.)

"जब तक महिलाएं जागरूक नहीं होतीं, समाज का विकास नहीं हो सकता।" (Until women are awakened, society cannot develop.)

"सफलता के लिए आवश्यक है कि हम अपनी इच्छाशक्ति को जानें और उसे संयमित कर सकें।" (To be successful, we must know our willpower and be able to control it.)

"अंधेरे में दीपक जलाना सीख लो, जिंदगी तुम्हें फिर कभी अंधेरे में नहीं डाल सकेगी।" (Learn to light a lamp in the darkness, life will never be able to put you in darkness again.)

These are just a few examples of the inspiring quotes by Sarojini Naidu in Hindi.

Sarojini Naidu Quotes in English

Here are some famous quotes by Sarojini Naidu in English:

"We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action."

"The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation hereafter, but to make the best use of it here below."

"A country's greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothers of the race."

"We want freedom for our country, but not at the expense or exploitation of others, not us to degrade other countries."

"The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them."

"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."

"Love is not a mere impulse, it must contain truth, which is law."

These are just a few examples of the inspiring quotes by Sarojini Naidu in English.

Sarojini Naidu Biography

Sarojini Naidu (1879-1949) was an Indian freedom fighter, poet, and politician who played a significant role in India's struggle for independence from British colonial rule. She was also the first woman governor of an Indian state.

Naidu was born in Hyderabad, India, to a Bengali family. Her father, Aghorenath Chattopadhyay, was a scientist and philosopher, and her mother, Barada Sundari Devi, was a poet and activist. Naidu was homeschooled by her parents, and she showed an early interest in writing and poetry.

In 1895, at the age of 16, Naidu married Dr. Govindarajulu Naidu, a non-Brahmin, and moved to Madras. There, she continued to write and became involved in the Indian freedom movement. She met many leading figures in the movement, including Mahatma Gandhi, and worked tirelessly to promote Indian independence.

Naidu was an accomplished poet and wrote both in English and her native language, Telugu. Her first collection of poems, "The Golden Threshold," was published in 1905. She later published several other collections, including "The Bird of Time" (1912) and "The Broken Wing" (1917).

In addition to her writing and activism, Naidu was also a politician. She was one of the first women to be elected president of the Indian National Congress and was later appointed as the governor of the United Provinces (present-day Uttar Pradesh). She was the first woman to hold this position in India.

Naidu was known for her eloquent speeches and powerful oratory. She was often referred to as the "Nightingale of India" for her beautiful singing voice and her ability to move audiences with her speeches.

Sarojini Naidu died in 1949 at the age of 70. Her contributions to Indian literature, politics, and the freedom movement are still celebrated today, and she remains an inspiration for generations of Indian women.

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