The Sanity Spire In Your Penultimate Pyre Poem by John Sensele

The Sanity Spire In Your Penultimate Pyre

Break free from the love madness
You claim your heart feels
In the sea of sadness
From which common sense heals

If you give him the chance
He needs to weed you out
Of the love stance
Which beyond a shadow of doubt

If from your tilted and stilted circumstance
You wish to snap
To restore the balance
You wish to inject into the notorious nap

Where headlong
With your blinkered eyes
Although all along
Common sense dares to steer you from the sties of lies

You drink from the demented infatuation
You clink and slink
From a faulty evaluation of the sentimental salutation
To which peace of mind you link

With no shred of evidence
Infatuation an iota for your heart cares
Although on the truth balance you stand a chance
To reap scornful stares and glares

From the balance sorority
To which with precious pride you once belonged
Before the love notoriety
Your sisters in sanity wronged

Without batting the lid
The sorority felt
Infatuation did
Owe them even if the infatuation snow couldn't melt

Fast enough
To call the bluff
In the infatuation
You claimed too tough

To snap from
With the bare desire
Feelings roam
Into your sanity spire in your penultimate pyre.

Thursday, May 10, 2018
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John Sensele

John Sensele

Ndola, Zambia
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