Bang Boom Boom

The Ship's Captain - Poem by Bang Boom Boom

A ship lost at sea,
Tossing and turning
Amidst the crashing waves.

The Captain stands firm,
Erect; He is comfortable,
The Ocean is his element.

Foolishness or bravery
Drives his actions, just as
Cowardice drives his crew below.

The sails, billowing in the wind,
Harness Nature's Energy and
Force the ship where the Captain wills.

He knows not where to go,
Nor from whence he came,
but blunders onward carelessly.

The wind grows strong,
the mast breaks, the hull
splinters in the onslaught.

Water rushes in, the
cowards drown; ironic deaths
where protection becomes grave.

The captain, now alone,
chains hand to wheel,
And prepares for death.

He knows that in death,
He finds accomplishment, and
with that, peace is found.

And so ends the life
Of the Captain, his
Purpose had ended.

The waves swallow the ships while
Time erases his memory.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

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