George A. Mackenzie

(20 July 1849-1899 / Toronto)

The Sleep That Flits On Baby's Eyes - Poem by George A. Mackenzie

The sleep that flits on baby's eyes,
Whence does it come? Can you surmise?
Yes! in a cool, deep forest glade,
Where glowworms dimly light the shade,
They tell of a fairy village shy,
Where two enchanted buds hang high;
Thence, borne by fairy fingers, flies
The sleep that kisses baby's eyes.

The smile in his sleep, that will twinkle and go–
Where was it born? Pray, do you know?

Yes! for a rumour floats about–
A rumour–its truth I dare not doubt–

That a crescent moon, with a pale, young ray
Touched a cloudlet's edge, ere it melted away,
And there, in the dream of a dew-washed morn,
Baby's flickering smile was born.

And where was it hidden–that soft, fresh glow
On baby's limbs? Does any one know?

Yes! in a day that is long since fled,
Ere baby's mother was grown and wed,
With the first sweet dawning of love, it stole
Into the depths of her dreaming soul,
And there lay hidden–the soft, fresh rose
That now on the limbs of baby glows.

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