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The Song Of The Free

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The wounded snake its hood unfurls,
The flame stirred up doth blaze,
The desert air resounds the calls
Of heart-struck lion's rage.

The cloud puts forth it deluge strength
When lightning cleaves its breast,
When the soul is stirred to its in most depth
Great ones unfold their best.

Let eyes grow dim and heart grow faint,
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Surajit Banerjee 04 July 2014

Emancipation of self, the height of Indian philosophy is portrayed here. Om! Namo Vivekanandayaa

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Arimardan singh 19 July 2018

Shat shat naman

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Abhilash mishra 13 July 2018

very nice poem the song of free

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Aaditya 02 July 2018

Song version of this poem: https: //youtu.be/MkSU_3Axv7A

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Lovekush Sharma 23 February 2018

Too Long...

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Dr Antony Theodore 22 June 2020

Let eyes grow dim and heart grow faint, And friendship fail and love betray, Let Fate its hundred horrors send, And clotted darkness block the way. very fine poem of swami vivekananda of India

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Kratika 13 December 2019

Central idia

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khushi singh 26 December 2018

very beautiful and inspiring poem

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Laveena 09 August 2018

The song of the free

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vikram 22 July 2018

madar cod

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