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10 June 2018

A great poet speaks the language of the universe, contains the vastness of the universe in his heart, rises above all narrowness.

The Best Poem Of Ruta Mohapatra

And Hope Arrives

It so happens sometimes
That love dies
No matter how hard one tries

The heart closes its doors
And it mourns
The death of dreams

It lets neither sunlight in
Nor the sweet breezes of spring
Inside its chambers winter reigns

Until one day hope arrives
And steals within
Unknown, unseen

It opens the doors
And lets fresh air in
Clears the cobwebs of long lost dreams

Its magic wand
Makes the heart sing
And weave new dreams

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omkar prasad mohapatra 03 September 2018

excellent work, I love the poem on life on the road and my mother loves a shared fate the most.

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Ruta Mohapatra Popularity

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