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It so happens sometimes
That love dies
No matter how hard one tries

I am a little springlet
That has fallen
Into the great ocean of poetry
And has lost its identity

The Gentle Firefly

Things go wrong
Often enough
In this not so perfect world
While we are trying to make it

There are truths about life
Bitter and unpalatable
That need to be accepted

There is this essence
At the core of life
After peeling, crushing,
Filtering, distilling,

The elusive winter sun finally breaks
Through the misty leaves
Moving steadily and slowly
Finally touching her feet

Some words send a chill
Down everyone's spine,
No matter how strong one is!
No matter how positive one is!

Your complex thoughts on complex issues
Can't they be expressed in simple lines?

Like water which one can drink

Well, she has seen everything now
All the whites and all the blacks
And all the colours in between

A voice has fallen silent,
A voice that echoed for ages
In the gullies and valleys of India!

The waves tell the story of the universe
In sync with the universe, they dance
Rise and fall, rise and fall
Life and death, death and life

It is a red rose plant said the shopkeeper
Handing me a pot with a little sapling
It came and occupied a corner of my balcony
Within a circle of sunlight in the morning

Into the world of poetry, she delved,
Sometimes reading, sometimes writing;
It was cathartic,
Helping ease her pain.

Oh gently passing night
Can't you lull me to sleep?
How long can I keep
Counting the sheep?

Before starting on her new journey
She turned and looked back
Her house stood silhouetted
Against a cobalt blue sky

I don't know why…she wondered
As she sat on a low-hanging branch
With the squirrels playing overhead
…there is such a sense of closure

The grey in the hair, the wrinkles under the eyes,
Life taught a lot of things by and by

Wait, wait always for the mist to clear

The Sun lifted its head
From the ocean
Its rays shimmering
Over the blue water

It was a different world
A world of long long ago
Full of innocence, love and trust
Before the mist rose and covered it

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And Hope Arrives

It so happens sometimes
That love dies
No matter how hard one tries

The heart closes its doors
And it mourns
The death of dreams

It lets neither sunlight in
Nor the sweet breezes of spring
Inside its chambers winter reigns

Until one day hope arrives
And steals within
Unknown, unseen

It opens the doors
And lets fresh air in
Clears the cobwebs of long lost dreams

Its magic wand
Makes the heart sing
And weave new dreams

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omkar prasad mohapatra 03 September 2018

excellent work, I love the poem on life on the road and my mother loves a shared fate the most.

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A great poet speaks the language of the universe, contains the vastness of the universe in his heart, rises above all narrowness.

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Ruta Mohapatra Popularity

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