Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

The Sophomoric Athlete - Poem by Justin Reamer

A man with an egg-shaped face;
Big, hairy gorilla arms hanging at his sides;
Strong legs like pillars that carry palaces, bridges, and temples of old;
Mahogany hair
Shines like wood,
Cut short into
Spikes atop his head;
Eyes blue and bright
As the sky gleams in the daylight,
He gets excited about the little things
That life has to offer him.
His smile like a child
Gleams with clarity
And makes his friends laugh with him,
Everything a joke,
He knows all
There is to be funny.

His body is charismatic,
Making movements to every
Word that he speaks;
He moves around the room,
Like a bouncing ball,
Ricocheting off of every wall in the corridor.
His face is tempestuous,
Unleashing 100 words per minute,
Defining everything in his own way.

He is the
Stand-up Comedian,
The Robin Williams,
The Jerry Seinfeld,
The Adam Sandler of his youth,
For he is jocose in every manner,
Making animated gestures,
Moving enthusiatiscally,
Changing his pitch in voice
From the lowest bass,
A Tuba blurting a wolf’s growl,
A bear heaving a mellow sigh,
To the highest of the high,
When a mouse mutters melodically,
Or a flute flutters without friction,
And he imitates the characters,
With cartoonish voices,
Stereotypes playing with his funny pitches
And caricatures,
With his crazy Southern accent,
His funny Eddy Murphy impersonation,
The impression of Bane,
And the hilarious ‘hillbilly joke.’

And as he smiles,
Everyone laughs,
For he feeds laughter,
Which everyone feeds on,
He lives on laughter,
Which makes the football man,
The cross man,
And the basketball man all the stronger,
For vivacity builds up in his system
As everyone laughs at his jokes,
Giving him more confidence,
And building up energy for the
Grand finale of all laughter.

The athlete is a clown,
Gregarious and jocular,
And sweet and kind;
He does not intend to hurt anyone,
And he loves everyone.

His heart is like a peaceful ocean,
Drifting with waves crashing against the shore,
Not letting anyone sailing on it
Get hurt at all.
His compassion is like the sun,
Bright and lively,
Cheerful and chipper,
Illuminating everyone’s days
When he laughs with them.
When people come across him,
They are happier than ever before.
Anger cannot survive in his mist.

His aura is bright,
Kind and sweet,
Giving him a friendly attitude,
For amiable he is,
No matter
How he does it,
For he is always at
The right place at the right time.

No negative thought
Passes through his brain,
And though he may be like a gorilla
Or the monstrous ape named King Kong,
In truth, he is like a puppy on the inside,
One who seeks
Love and affection
From all those who are his friends.

He is like a kitten, cute and cuddly,
Mewing at every smile you give him.
He is a tiger cub,
Warm to hold,
For he will hold a woman if she feels
That she needs to cry,
And he will sing and dance,
Or just simply listen,
For he is like the Teddy Bear
That we all remember when we were children.

The athlete is my friend,
And I am happy to call him that,
For he is charismatic like
A man who
Just won
The Lottery,
Bouncing all over the room,
And I love him for his
Wisdom and
His shrewdness,
For they are the factors
Of his personality.

He touches all of our hearts,
And I am glad he is my friend
Because he is special to me,
Standing out from the crowd by
Optimising everyone’s lives.

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