The Spark Within Poem by Ntebo Mphahlele

The Spark Within

'The world is full of sorrow, pain, and strife,
But within that darkness, there's a flicker of light,
A spark of hope, a glimmer of might.'

Though life may seem to offer only strife,
Within that darkness, there is still delight,
A promise that someday, things will be right.

The road ahead may be long and hard,
But within that road, there's a shining star,
A light that guides us, no matter where we are.'

Though we may stumble, we must persevere,
The light within us will always be near,
To lead us on, and chase away our fear.'

Though storms may rage, and winds may howl,
Within our hearts, a flame still burns so bright,
A beacon of hope, a symbol of our might.'

As we journey through the darkest night,
We carry with us, a spark of light,
A spark that kindles hope, a spark of might.'

When all seems lost, and we are alone,
We'll find the spark, within our heart's home,
And with that spark, a fire we'll ignite.'

Though troubles come, and troubles go,
We'll find our strength, and let it grow,
A light that guides us, no matter where we go.'

The spark within us is a precious thing,
A light to guide us, a song we'll sing,
A source of comfort, a source of joy,
A spark of hope, a guiding ploy.'

So, carry the spark within your heart,
And let it guide you, from the start,
To light your path, to chase away the dark

The Spark Within
The theme of your poem, 'The Spark Within, ' is hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite acknowledging the presence of sorrow, pain, and strife in the world, the poem emphasizes the existence of a spark of hope, light, and might within each individual. This spark serves as a guiding force, providing comfort, joy, and strength to overcome life's challenges. The poem encourages perseverance, emphasizing that even in the darkest moments, the spark within us remains, ready to be fanned into a flame that illuminates our path and chases away fear. The poem's message is one of optimism and empowerment, urging readers to hold onto hope and tap into their inner strength to navigate life's difficulties. Some of the specific themes and motifs present in the poem include: 1. Hope and optimism 2. Resilience and perseverance 3. Inner strength and light 4. Guidance and direction 5. Comfort and joy 6. Overcoming adversity 7. Self-empowerment Overall, 'The Spark Within' is an uplifting and inspiring poem that encourages readers to tap into their inner resources and find the strength to overcome life's challenges.
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