Emily Dawn

The Spiral - Poem by Emily Dawn

It occurred to me that
life may actually be as spherical as the planet earth.
And just like the age-old misconception
of a flat forever dropping into an abyss.,
maybe it is also silliness to believe
that time occurs in a linear fashion.
that progress only moves in one direction.
That success is based on,
a measurable height.
When it’s simply a system,
An average size, mass-produced.
You must be “this tall: to ride this ride.”
But why?
It’s just a fabricated fail-safe
Designed to divert liability,
To Regulate mortality
But in reality,
You assume your own risk.
What’s the difference of a few inches?

How tall is your soul?
How broad is your mind?
How heavy is your history?
How wide is your periphery?
How deep is your reservoir?
How long is your memory?
How far is your reach?

How open are your arms?
How warm is your presence?
How high can you leap?
How textured is your perception?
How expansive is your insight?
How connected are your instincts?
How tangible are your dreams?

All of these things,
Say more,
of a person’s ability
to face risk “successfully”
than the current height
of their skeleton.

It is a Spiral not a circle.
Sometimes you have to
Use circumlocution,
peruse, and scout out,
before taking dead aim.
A stray bullet can be just as fatal
if you know how to ricochet.

Ever closer, ever deepening, tightening,
honing, tailoring, and coiling toward your deepest core,
poised to spring.

If you feel redundant,
if you look around you and realize,
“Haven’t I been here before? ”
It’s because you have.
You passed it around the curve.
But don’t be discouraged about circling,
because this time you took the inside lane.
Every time you see the same street sign,
You see it with new eyes.

You were equipped at birth
with all the renewable resources you need
to flourish, to thrive.
But life doesn’t come with a mining map,
We have to dig holes by instinct alone.

However, as you hone your skill
And purge distraction.
You will Soon discover
that everything you wander off
searching for,
that fulfillment you seek,
the truth, the love, the purpose,
the theme, the art, the meaning –
Came along for that same spiral journey,
The treasure hunted,
cozily tucked between the bones
muscle and skin of your venturing temple.

So, cast your net another way.
I cannot be summated.
I am not a net worth.
I am more than all the potential earnings,
more than my height or width.
I am worth more than my weight
in kilograms, stones, and pounds
all added up together
and repaid to me in gold.

For I possess true luxury:
A deep well with an ever-flowing spring
running through it like toddler feet,
never still long enough to age.
Not a day of stagnance.
A fresh stream.
being in your bloodstream.
Oh wait, it is.

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