James Vaughn

The Starry Night - Poem by James Vaughn

I sat on a starry night pondering things beyond my dreams when a star drifted through the night wrapped in a radiance I could only wish to understand. It glittered, drawing my eye away from the other stars.

Swaying gracefully where the others just seemed to hang lifelessly, my attention was drawn to the uniqueness of this star. Drawing correlations I had no right to, I felt a bond from distant parts of my heart. The loneliness I felt sitting there seemed to melt away revealing feelings I had forgotten.

The cloak of piety keeping me warm on all the nights before this one, no longer provided me warmth. I sat uncovered feeling the chill of stark truth washing over me. Desire to be a part of this new world I had discovered was overwhelming; from the outside, it seemed like such an exciting existence.

The new world, so far away seemed so close I could touch it. I smelled the fresh breath of life as it wrapped its tendrils of hope around me. Lost in thoughts of youthful exuberance I regaled myself in thoughts of happiness and belonging. The longing I felt to fly away was immense, consuming my thoughts.

Wandering in my mind, I sat in a trance of possibilities as they multiplied in my mind. Slowly the aggregate truth snuck in and withered my heart as I realized I knew not how to fly.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 11, 2009

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