Girija Menon

The Story Of Harry - Poem by Girija Menon

This is a tale of Harry
A tale that’s quite sorry
But worth a study
For you, me and all sundry

He was a lad in his teens
To be precise he was fifteen
Only son of his parents
Harry always got the best of presents
Envy of his friends
He was popular and followed latest trends

After school he moves to university
His friends are now from all over the city
Money is never in scarcity
So Harry is now a popular entity

Studies always took a backseat for this son
As he was away having more than fun
With like minded friends on the run
He grew from toys to having guns

He started with just a puff
Harry was young and appeared tough
He believed in being rough
As if that was not enough
He craved for this lethal stuff

Days and years raced past
But Harry was not able to quit
This habit he had picked up so fast
It ruined him as he could not last
The life he lost -to this deadly dope that leaves no hope

Before you turn into another Harry
Please think twice before you carryT
This lethal drug within your body
As it only makes you weary

Stay away from these vices
That leaves you no choices
It may give you a high
But leaves you to die without no one to sigh

So love your life my friends
Live it to the fullest
Give it your best
You can be assured of the rest

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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