The Story Of Nothing Poem by Keith Ricardo Williams

The Story Of Nothing

Rating: 5.0

one day it seemed as if the world surrounded me
to find out the secret to life
just because i write, and draw
whatever comes to me
that to them that was called wisdom you see
i reached into a box of magic
which was my mind
what to my surprise did i find?
so i pulled it out
the world was disappointed
they called me a phony, and a fake
some went away mad, some stayed
all of a sudden
i raised my hand to god
there was light with a rainbow of colors
quickly i said to those who remained
behold what nothing has become
the power of the universe
giving life to all
making the sun, and stars shine bright
behold light
the true and everlasting power
for without it there would be no seconds, or hours
no rain to fall
no birds to sing at all
no flowers pollenated by bees
no trees
the world is within this light
in darkness while you sleep
angels, and demons run around
but with love in your hearts
we all can be heaven bound
restings on clouds above
preaching, and spreading peace, and love
how nice it would be if we were one
remember that each morning as you see the sun
for one day it might just disappear
with the world you see, and hear
those who remained
jumped up, and ran to tell the others
as they ran i said
some of them will never believe
for all they saw was nothing


Very deep, spiritual message.There is a whole cosmos full of miracles that can't be bought or sold and you recognised the wonders of this world.I've often said that what a person has within cannot be taken away from that person and is the most valuable possession of all.A well deserved ten from me-if you get a chance please read my poems and comments are welcomed.

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