A Bedtime Story Poem by Keith Ricardo Williams

A Bedtime Story

uncle keith tell us a bedtime story
ok kids hear we go
once upon a time not long ago
there was this little girl everybody called a ho
walking the streets for crack, and dough
a very sad situation, don’t u know!
she ran into this guy lets call him tim
he was not so bright with a future quite dim
she walked up to his car
he said please get in
this is where the story truly begins
she did something strange
for a little bit of change
she asked to be paid but he was deranged
pulled out knife, and tried to end her life
screaming sorry u look just like my wife
now the little girl is scared as hell
she fought, and let out a powerful yell
tim said please be quiet
she kicked him in the balls, and said don’t even try it
all of a sudden he dropped the knife
she hopped out the car
ran for her life
she could hear police cars coming
but she was so afraid she just kept on running
tim jumped in his car tried to get away
got captured on the corner of sinners way
i’m sorry but that’s not the end of this story
she knew god saved her life gave him the glory
got on her knees and asked for mercy
jumped up, and ran home lightning quick
i mean in a hurry
the moral of this story is your parents told you
never talk to strangers
it the best way to stay out of danger
the little kids said uncle keith you’re right
i said i know now go to bed goodnight! ! !

Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

hehe! ! iam scared now....

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Pamela Lutwyche 08 October 2008

I Like this bed time story and it has probably happened some where, some time or will happen some where some time.

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