The Sun And Moon Poem by Ibn Ali

The Sun And Moon

I'll never write a love poem again
He said
So sheepish he disbelieved himself
He thought about an angry sun
And romanticised his chore
Dreamt how he swooned for the pleasant moon
And she left and took the stars
And left him lonely in his lofty room
Spared some shine despite his heart
So she and they would never starve
Although he came to realize
That in some parting is a gift
When their paths crossed
To his surprise
It was he who found himself eclipsed
Despite her spurned requite
She was hardly ever whole
Perhaps it's her that's chasing him
To take his rays as she was dim
Her coming close was winter's cold
Caused night to reign in spite of day
In a weakened state from chase
Lost his heat and dulled sky
She follows closely
Weary, pale from chase and thin
He slowed till he was almost caught
And soon after got his second wind
It's hard to say who's chasing whom
My imagination births untruths
I see lovers where clearer minds
See signs of intelligent design
Each set its path and never strays
Each runs its course
Never overtaken or overtakes

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Ibn Ali

Ibn Ali

The Gambia
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