Quinn Lukman

The Tears Of Lady Justice - Poem by Quinn Lukman

A dim-lighted room
A continuously beating heart
The man in the corner of his bed
The sound of a shattering heart

What cruel injustice that had befall upon
To his best effort
To his compassionate heart

A sincere man he was
A man so kind, a man so cared
His dreams so noble
A jewel so rare

The man who strife
A mind to serve
To fix and heal
And mend the world

Was stepped upon
And laugh towards
Always shoved aside
Always looked down upon

They shout and laugh
A mock so undeserving
A fool, A fool!
Said the actual fool

And despite all that
The man kept standing
Worked day and night
To help all and sundry

Yet and yet
Oh! Such cruel injustice

His efforts all went down the drain
Was pointless
Was useless

Yet and yet
Oh! Such cruel injustice

His oppressor's lazy efforts
Does not doom them to fail
An unthinkable success
Is what they obtain

They laugh endlessly upon the noble man
Their arrogance doom them not of failure
An increase in status is what they obtain

The man asked his Creator
Said "Why things are the way it is? "
Why does this world destroy the good
Yet uplift such evil?

An answer he hears not
And his faith he still holds
His love's now his only reason
Reason to live in such a world

His love was for a girl
A girl that meant the world to him
He loved her sincerely from the bottom of his heart
And they talked endlessly as the seasons pass

A thought came to his mind
She was the one!
The only girl he wanted happy

And in his prayers
He told his creator how he had lost everything
He begged and begged
Just for this once
Please give me Your blessings
Don't break my heart

Ohh and how his wishes did came true
The girl smiles happily
Her eyes filled with love
Together with her new beloved
Together with another man

This was not what I had wanted
I do want her to be happy
But her happiness
Was supposed to be with me!

A burning anger came to his heart
If being a good man ended up with me getting this much tragedy
I shall no longer be such a man
His resolve was all set

A resolve that was a repeat of past sorrow
The past sorrow of an aspiring painter
Whose in love with a young beautiful girl

And his dreams was all broken
Broken down by the world
Now he's a dictator
And now HE broke the world

God, Had created a monster
His injustice had broke a man

Time is only what's keeping him
Keeping him from destroying his heart

And as he finish doing so,
The man so broken down by the world
The man so cruelly played by fate

He shall broke down the world
And manipulate the world at the palm of his hands

The birth of a true monster
More evil than before

And God shall finally speak to ask the man,
Asked him why would he destroy his ultimate creation?
And the man would answer..

That "You only have Yourself to blame'

Topic(s) of this poem: dark, despair, fate, god, injustice, sorrow, tragedy

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The transformation of a kind and noble man into a monster as life gave him too much injustice in his life

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 10, 2016

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