The Time's Riddle...[a Verse To Time Pass]... - Poem by RK

Since the dawning, I've existed
Of this world, but didn't cry
To be happy, I have resisted
I wasn't born, I'll never die...

I am as old as the history
With me eras continued
I've seen destruction, misery
But I get myself renewed...

The sun used to be my measure
With vertical stick on land
I also drifted down my leisure
Inside glass, with ruin, sand...

Now the Greenwich is my standard
But I'm always changing states
On your walls I've also wandered
I'm in calendar with dates...

From second, minute, hour
To your every passing moment
To day, week, month, year
You'll remember me you've spent...

Autumn, spring, fall, summer
Winter might give you chokes
My seasons are everywhere
I'm dressed in grandpa's cloak...

Noun, adjective, verb
I speak different parts of speech
With me you might lose nerve
But some lessons I might teach…

Past, present and future
I'm tensed by the Grammar
Some say I've caused torture
While some recall my glamour...

With me you take ride toward
The past, when present's mist
So you better look forward
Still I'm there round your wrist...

With me you have to keep pace
If you're advance, you'll wait
You'll be lost without a trace
You will miss me if you're late...

Even I don't know when I'll end up
To me, my fate's a mystery
I may fall or I may stand up
Maybe God knows my destiny...

You might be quite unable
To deal with me, you might sigh
Pick me up from table
Throw out through window, see me fly...

Maybe I'm inside your heart
Maybe I'm for you to feel
Unlike you, I can't be torn apart
But with me you might be healed...

I was there by your side
When you were writing this rhyme
I'll be there when all have died
I'll be in your songs, in chimes...

I don't know who named me this
I guess a wordsmith on his chair
Etymology; the person’s English
And had some of me to spare...

So, to understand me better
I was put in dictionary
Now you read my first letter
With your morning's cup of T...

I M standing betwixt as riddle
And you're yet to get my notion
As my last letter sank in middle
Of deep sEa or the ocEan...

Don’t mistake me with air
Who keeps changing direction
But I was and will be there
Till we meet our extinction…

To you nothing I can give
But at mes you want some more
For the me being, I’ll leave
Yeah! Some mes, I make you bored…

Wish you’re having a me nice
And I hope your mes are better
Till the future me arrives
Until next me, see you later…

And I'm someone you can't see
Yet you watch me pass you by
But you will never catch me
Can you tell me who am I?

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 17, 2009

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