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The Tongue Tied Travels Of The Pie Eyed Piper And His Elephants

Up the steeply sloped road, i tip tippy toed my way away over the hill

then i spied i a view, so i stood stiffly still 'til i'd greedily had my fill
Pan-like, on the hillside, i pulled out my pipe and blazed a most excellent tune

then, by the pelican neck, curve of the beck, i sat with the fish to commune

mossy rock, couch like, i sit where i like, mother earth provides seatage wherever i hike

along boulder walled borders i boldly bumbled beside,

i spied creeping creatures just trying to hide

like, in the twist of a tree branch, sat sitting upon, a proud as punch robin he taught me his song

and, as the newly sprung, spring sun warmed my back, i wandered wondering off the beaten track to enter the woods, like a saw.

On the woodland floor i beheld before me the ruins of conquered trees,

their furry peoples refugees, like a million before and a million before that i am sure

since the making of the first axe, but, enough of that.

My eyes back on the trodden track i imagine my love and i,

our bags on our backs and our eyes on the sky,

treading trails through terrain and time,

trekking to the tops of lifes mountains together, but then,

as always round here, that depends on the weather.

Ligging out on a log for a moment i considered the elements,

which, in poetic style, brings us on to Elephants,

obviously there are no Elephants in the wood,

but i thought a little mention might make the poem sound good


another pied piping, and climbing a tree gave me a completely different perspective on things

if birds didn't have wings there would be much more room in the treetops for everyone else,

so, i propose, if it grows as big as a tree, build a house in it.

Invest in a nest, i have to confess, is my radical new solution to our housing crisis.

Yes. Allah be blesses. This is my new manifesto,

i know you are impressed, though you don't show it.

Vote for me, and i guarantee, to each, a tree.

anyhow, the call of a crow said it was time to go, and the clouds were getting rather low,

so off i go

and i tiredly leg toddled a few miles or more, til i, though not bored, found the walking a chore

and dozily dreaming, as i usually do, unawares i was looking around

hastily hopping over horse droppings i ended up on rocky ground

then stumbling, like a drunken shepherd, i tripped and slipped and flipped like a record,

by and by, crash landing i stared at the sky.

My journey was over, i was in pain all over, so over the bridge, arched like the back of a yogic

i tenderly trod, then toe tippy tipped my way home.
Graham Eccles
Thursday, February 3, 2011

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