The Tree Of Life Poem by Mia Ocean

The Tree Of Life

Rating: 3.6

This tree
Is not only a tree
It is a freindly tree,
that is always watching over you.
This tree
Is not only a tree
It is a magical tree.
That makes miracles happen,
Hopes become realaties,
And nevers become alwayses.
This tree
Is not only a tree,
It is where everything started.
It is the tree of life.

Kayla Kanoski 24 January 2007

Was very helpful. Was given to someone after the purchase of a tree in someones memory. The recipient was very moved.

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Vinaya 14 January 2019

Wonderful , short and sweet poem. Liked very much...

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Follefurieuse Liva 08 June 2010

i'm a lil bit surprised cuz i've just bought a tshirt with a poem written on and there's a lot of similarities between that peom and yours! ! ! ! ! ! the one i have on my tshirt is: This tree is a magical tree that makes mirackes happen when the sun shines, it gives the world love and peace. This tree is not only a tree. It's the root to life. Could it be just a pure coincidence! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Aditi Sharma 02 June 2009

hi mia the poem is really good. keep it up and keep writing such good poems always. Aditi

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Lisa Gambrell 21 February 2009

Its good, i'm using it for my Poetry Notebook at school. I would recommend you re-read and correct the puncuations errors

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Eithne Queen of Celts 16 April 2008 your eyes to the wonders of nature...

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