The Truth Of God Is Known Poem by Alec de Candole

The Truth Of God Is Known

The truth of God is known,
'Give up,' some cry, 'thy own
Weak thought ;
Learn what thou ought,'

Is truth to some revealed,
From all the rest concealed.
That so
It may not grow ?

And must we then seek God
By paths by others trod.
And He

The same for us to know.
That knowledge now may grow
No more
For evermore?

What men knew once, must we
Unincreased endlessly
The whole
For every soul

Believe? But no such bound
Compasseth God around.
The Light

Who filleth endless space
With majesty and grace.
Doth man.
With finite span,

All in full comprehend, —
That glory without end ?
Or say
Is it that our clay

Can never hope to hold
More than we now are told
Of Him,
Whose darkness dim

Our eyes shall never pierce ?
Oh ! lay not such a curse
On us,
Who know that thus,

When we, (and thus alone,)
Shall know as we are known.
Our earth
Shall prove its worth

And life shall cease to seem
A loose and raving dream,
And be

Then trouble not, nor bind
The souls that seek to find.
With chain
Of the Past again.

Rising from what has been.
In ever-widening scene.
May man
Behold God's plan.

And still to hope and zeal.
May He Himself reveal.
And each
His wisdom teach.

That each, receiving so
What his own soul may know.
May build
God's Temple filled

By every spirit free.
That all for aye may see
And own
God better known.

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