Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Unborn Daughter

The unborn daughter

Lord sent me on a journey
A journey to this earth,
With eyes lit with dreams
With hopes n mirth
I set out for my journey
The journey of my birth

There I was
With that gentle soul
Whom I called my mother whom I called my own
My only bond with the world outside
My mother, my strength, my world, my pride

I saw her smile
That smile was for me
Welcoming me to her world
With joy, love and glee

I was growing inside her
So happy so proud
Shielded from all evil
sheltered from dark clouds

But for how long..till when
god will bless this little wren
I had to be punished
Right there and then
My crime – I was a girl
Unwelcomed, unwanted uncalled for, little girl

In a moment I am worshipped
Through night dusk n dawn
In a moment m a goddess
Next slaughtered n gone

I smiled at the ways
The ways of the world
My last smile last chuckle
Went unseen unheard

You too mom? I murmured……..

She went deaf
Paid no heed

Let me live mom, don’t kill me
I fearfully did plead

I know with her body that day
Her soul too did bleed

I wondered with pain
But I ll never complain
What shud I ask her
What will she explain

She too was a woman, so frail so forlorn
At the mercy of the same world
That kills me unborn
She was helpless, she was weak
Couldnt hear me, couldn’t speak
She could nvr hear my laughter
She will never hear my shriek

Her little daughter her angel
She tried but failed to save
The same womb that nurtured me
Was turned into my grave

I bid adieu to dear world that
I so longed to see
The world so heartless
This world dint need me

No tears were shed for me
Perhaps joy was in the air
Was this all I deserved
Is it just is it fair?

A silent tear rolled out from the eyes of that soul
Whom I called my mother whom I called my own
That tear that emotion
Was my last farewell
A silent homage to the pearl
From its crumbling shell

God wanted me to live mom
Y dint the world let me
i wanted to spread my wings
I wanted to fly free

I would have shared my sorrows
N joys with you mother
But you too despised me
As m not special like my brother
He is a boy he owns the world
And the same world disowns me

I ll never see the sunshine now
I ll never see the moon
I ll never know what colors are
Whats night whats morning n noon

A curse that I was
That died in its cocoon

This was the end of my journey
The journey to death
Before I could learn to breathe
They killed me stopped my breath

I am not that girl
whom the mankind deify

Not a daughter, not a soul
Just a burden was I

With wings of my dreams
All broken n shorn
I am sent back to HIM
gurdeep kaur
mohsin amin khan 09 May 2010
words cant express what this poem is it describes an ocean which can invade a million oceans of world great flow really a great great sad poem about a forlorn girl
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