Rajee Amlani

The Undefeatable Me..! ! - Poem by Rajee Amlani

The world around me…
Always speaking…. Always commenting…
Always blabbering…
About me, my clothes, my hair, my behavior, my choices,
The way I speak, the way I smile,
The way I cry…
My feelings, my emotions, my entire life
Is all mocked at!
It breaks me, it tears me apart…
My face does not reveal it,
I am tied together with a smile,
I don't let my tears fall,
I don't want to be called a "cry baby"
Is it only me..?
Why am I made the victim of their scrutiny?
They think I am weird!
They think I am weak, petty, incompetent,
Lonely, introvert, geekish…
They think I am unimportant…
Do they really know me..?
Have they ever lived my life..? ?
Stepped into my shoes…?
Felt what I feel..? heard what I hear..?
Thought what I think…? Cry the way I do..? ?
Live the way I live..?
Then why on this earth do you Judge me..? comment on me..? scrutinize me..?
Criticize me..? misunderstand me..?
I ask you… WHY..? ? WHY..?
Do you think I consider it..?
Do you think I give a damn to it..?
Yesss….. I do..!
You have the power to break me,
Yes you do affect me….
But you know what..? ?
Your words no longer affect me-
This disease of "public opinion" will no longer inflict me…
I will no longer burry my face!
I will no longer stay quiet!
I will no longer prison myself into silence,
My voice will no more go unheard!
Yes I am imperfect…
Yes I am faulty…
Yes I do make a lot of mistakes….
Above all…
I'm me…! !
The real me..!
The invincible me..!
BY -
Rajvi and Rutvi

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Every teenager feels this way i mean the whole world comments on everyone... being a teenager even i feel it this way... people comment at you make up thingzz about you and go on blabbering those thingzz which at some point of time make you think is this actually who i am? this is a combined effort by me and my best friend Rutvi Vadera both of us are in the 10th grade and love writing poems which boost up teensss...!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 19, 2012

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