The Universal Harlot Poem by Chris Zachariou

The Universal Harlot

Rating: 5.0

At the crossroads of the world
the sacred whore is lost in dreams
of cinnamon and purple nights.

Who are you?
the rising moon commands.

I am the harlot of the world.
For so many perfumed nights
I slept with emperors and kings
but all the time I dreamt of Eden.

My sainted master took me to his
bed ever since I was a child.
His velvet touch cooled my mind
and in the beginning his
pious chants set my flesh alight.

Now I despise them all!
The emperors, the kings, the sultans
their salivating mouths and their
nauseating tongues on my slender thighs.

But I'm the universal whore.
I'm bought, I'm sold, I have no choice.

All my ships have perished.
Fires are dancing on the waters
and even the Mermaid has drowned.

The emperor has fled to the caves
for shelter. The ancient gate is shattered
and the golden eagle pierced through
the heart lies breathless at the barricades.

The Velvet Lord has turned to marble
and a green wind is soaring from the east.
He defiles me and I cry in ecstasy and pain.

The day of the broken moon is dawning
yet each day we wait for the miracle.
Our beloved emperor will soon wake.
The prophets have seen it in the stars.

The Universal Harlot
Sunday, November 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: war
Mahtab Bangalee 22 November 2020

i feel here full of imaginative expression thru some events; good to read; I enjoyed really...full score

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