The Verve - Poem by ABHIJIT BASU

The days of life may be small, but we are also tall,
Who cares for tomorrow and lives in sorrow?

There are several unknown moments in life we know,
Who can predict what is in store,
The man who knows how to live,
Can enjoy his moments even in grief,
A life which cannot laugh aloud is without a soul,
A life which fears to take a step and dance,
Looses its only chance,

A life which is sleeping awake,
Does not want to wake until it is been shake,
Fearing that its lovely dream may break,
That life had actually departed much before it is dead,

This life is sometime a great pain,
Yet gives you pills in the form of good friends,
It knows to break your heart,
And also knows to weld when it is apart,

I thank this life and the almighty to have you all,
To hold my hand and control me when I fall,
And embrace me tight when I am pushed to wall,

I want the blessing for the poor souls,
Give them rations, shelter and a food full of bowls,
I am not rich enough to help those poor and unfortunates,
Yet I am having a heart of goblet full of love and care,
Which breaks when poor eyes split and shed tear,
My thoughts become misery with the fear,
That the end of the world is very near,

Some are having plenty to waste,
And they can afford to rest,
Others have not enough to eat once a day,
So what they can utter and say,
They have to work harder and cannot lay,
They curse their fate and carry on with their bad days,

It happened to knights and it happened to kings,
It will happen to me, you and all our kith and kin,
The life is small and may one day come to an end,
What we earn will remain here if not properly spend,
How much you can hoard and hold for your family,
If your efforts are enjoyed by someone who is not worthy,
Once you are gone everything will be in vain,
You never know how your wealth will be expend,
So don't hold your earnings in a treasure chest,
Distribute it to the poor so that your soul is blessed,
Live your life for others, which will give you solace,
People will trace you, even when you are out of race,

But consider for once with your heart and mind together,
Who owns these mineral, forest, water and soil,
Does it belong to only rich who can fool and spoil,
It equally belongs to everyone in equal part in all,
I know that one day there will be no border or wall,
Life will be liberated and no visa or passport to travel,
Life will roam free and break the shackle,

Give this world your best which may be cherished in future,
God will be kind if you help the poor who suffer,
One day there will be no class, no colour, no creed,
These are created to discriminate by human greed,
Why not we consider ourselves as one breed,
After all we have evolved from the same seed,


Topic(s) of this poem: desire

Form: Echo Verse

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 30, 2016

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