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The Vessel And The Gazer - Poem by mike ruthenbeck

What became of the bottomless Vessel?
How could such a mass roil and boil?
The steam and water pour from the trestle
Uselessly dripping forth onto soil.
While always the Vessel, remaining full,
Existing in constant fathomless depths
Attracts admirer's gaze with a pull;
Coerces the gazer's primary steps
Towards a trek past both winter and autumn
Where many a spring and summer roll past
Near the bottomless Vessel's true bottom,
Where the Vessel becomes stepped to the Mast.
The Vessel now sets forth on a mission
Courageously led by the one whose gaze
Found in herself desire to listen
To seemingly unconventional ways
Of a Vessel that chooses to boil
Gifting his contents back to the soil.

A spiritual merger, existing true,
Forming around a mutual attraction
And never knowing what either will do
Spurs Vessel and Gazer into action
And learning to see through each other's eyes
And teaching to see the truth in their own
Expelling the egotistical lies
Living in ways the other condones.
Vessel seeing the depths of the Gazer
With eyes that have been retaught to see
Scars she carries of Time's rusty razor
Filled with compassion she gives away free
Exploring together discoveries
Which, having been buried for years untold,
Like peering through obstructing shrubberies
Finding the truth they unknowingly hold
Rejoicing at turning dark into light
Vessel and Gazer are filled with insight.

And perspective improves each passing day
As Vessel and Gazer learn who they are
So neither will either choose to obey
Old creeds by which their souls had been marred.
Delighting now in compassionate bliss
Watching together time take a new form
Old lives each will occasionally miss
Yet, even at the peak of the storm,
Vessel remembers the Gazer's old scars;
And she knows of his roil and boil,
As soon as the clouds leave open the stars,
For happiness the other will toil
Having such a solid foundation
The bottomless Vessel lives for the gaze
Of her who took participation
And guided him to the best of her ways.
Of the bottomless Vessel, what became?
A man and a woman growing the same.

Topic(s) of this poem: come back, communication, longing, love and life, understanding

Form: Sonnet

Poet's Notes about The Poem

the things we learn from love....

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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