The Virgin's Cry Poem by Mfonobong Ituen

The Virgin's Cry

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I came with a gift
Given by the Creator
As i grow it becomes a pride
A treasure with no measure
I take no pressure least I lose it
Only one I give

Right from mother's womb
I came with this tide flower
As a weapon of power
To explore it fantasy
I take no pressure least I lose it
Only one I give

Momma once told
how precious it is
Was taught to protect and give guidance
Was shown the robbers awaiting
'Once lost never recovered' momma said
I take to heart. Only one I give

Nature even an enemy
Bringing upon feelings so unquenchable
Only men of wisdom stand still
Least they're drawn
With mounted nature's seduction
For only one I give

A gift to one many seeks
To get it broken
Just as always
But I fear not to be tricked
As many came along too
There they lost it
For a proof of truly 'I Love You'

Pressure at intense now
So timid least I lose and have no more
Least I say 'it all happened'
Least I become like 'every other'
For only one I need to give
My ring giver

_Ituen_Mfonobong(Funky'sinK ✍️)

The Virgin's Cry
Friday, June 26, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: virginity
Rajnish Manga 26 June 2020

Very sensible and emotional conversation with one's inner self to remain a woman of grit, courage and determination who is not swayed by temptation. You have rightly said- Least I become like 'every other'. Thank you so much.

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